Free Hot Tub Water Testing In Store At Beachcomber Home Leisure


Helping you keep your hot tub water clean and healthy for you is one of our promises at Beachcomber Home Leisure in Vernon and Kelowna. That's why we offer free water testing in store. Simply fill a clean jar with your hot tub water and bring it in-store and we'll do the work for you.

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Testing your water is a major key to maintaining inviting, clear water in your hot tub. Although the amount and variety of Beachcomber water testing products can sometimes cause confusion, testing your water is actually very simple.

Beachcomber water testing products explained:

Bromine/Chlorine Test Kits

These test kits have two compartments, on the left is the measurement for active sanitizer such as Chlorine or Bromine, and on the right is the measurement for pH. It’s always best to keep active sanitizer in your hot tub water because it prevents the growth of dangerous bacteria. Also, be sure to keep the pH within the range of 7.2 – 7.6 to make the water comfortable to use.

OTO Reagent for measuring Chlorine or Bromine

With this product, all you need to do is fill the vial with hot tub water and then add the drops of reagent as indicated, you will see by the colour in the vial where the sanitizer level is. To raise the sanitizer level, shock with an approved chlorine or bromine product, such as Beachcomber ChlorBlast, Lithchlor or Clean ‘n Clear.

Phenol Red for measuring pH

This product measures the pH of your hot tub water. Just like the OTO, fill the vial with water and add the 5 drops. The colour will indicate the pH level. To raise pH levels, add Beachcomber Resist. To lower the levels, add Beachcomber pH Minus.

Care Free Test Kit

With this test kit, there are two bottles labeled #1 and #2, to measure active sanitizer. This gives a very accurate reading for Care Free customers. Because Care Free is such a low chlorine-use system, measuring the active sanitizer requires two reagents.

6 Way Water Test Strips

With the Beachcomber 6 Way Water Test Strips, you can test your hot tub in 15 seconds to see if your hot tub water is safe, comfortable and ready to use. Using a small sample of your hot tub water, you are able to test your Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and pH levels.

(The above information is reposted from Beachcomber Hot Tubs)