About Us


We believe in leisure living outdoor and indoors. Your home is the best place to relax and unwind!

This philosophy is a family tradition over many generations, first established by our grandparents over 60 years ago; Work hard and then relax in the comfort of your own backyard or home. As a Scottish and English, fifth-generation Canadian immigrant family, we learned early on to work hard together and enjoy the incredible diverse seasons and quality of life in the Okanagan Valley.

The Melvin Family would typically spend much of their summers entertaining and relaxing with family and friends outdoors. As patio furniture became increasingly popular, and the passion of living and enjoying life outdoors and indoors grew, the quality craftsmanship of our products have made Beachcomber Home Leisure the leader in the outdoor and indoor furniture industry.

Today, Beachcomber Home leisure still remains a private Canadian, family owned company run by two generations of the Melvin family.

Beachcomber Home Leisure’s innovations in manufacturing and quality workmanship, along with their long standing commitment to customer service has ensured the Beachcomber Home Leisure brand as a local and national leader in the outdoor & indoor furniture industry.

The Beachcomber Home Leisure’s commitment is to create beautiful functional collections, hand crafted one at a time and built to last, giving our clients the peace of mind and years of relaxation.

Make Beachcomber Home Leisure your choice for quality, peace of mind relaxation.