Kelowna and Vernon Quality Hot Tubs

Since 1978, the Beachcomber Brand has stood for quality and service.Beachcomber Hot Tub Logo There is no room in today's market for a second-rate product, and Beachcomber felt it important to give you an overview of what we believe you need or don't need in your next hot tub purchase. Truth has become relevant in building a global brand and the Beachcomber Brand is "our promise to you" that after a quarter of a century of specialization we know what works in a hot tub and what doesn't. Our philosophy is simple at Beachcomber, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, comfort, and energy-efficiency in each hot tub we build.

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The hot tub and spa industry is young with few people understanding truly what should or should not be built into your new hot tub or spa. We have made it our business to provide accurate information since 1978. We put our heart and soul into building the best hot tub in the world, visit our store today to see what hot tub works best for you!